The Garfield in our Dictionary

A month ago, I caught my son holding a dictionary and intensely reading it. It was a surprise for me because he is more inclined into ready books with pictures or anything with colorful pages.

That dictionary day was followed by another, then another.  When he’s not doing anything, he’s at a corner or inside our bedroom reading the dictionary. That’s what I thought.

Then, the “AHA” moment came when he came to me giggling and shared to me what he read in the dictionary: A Garfield comics strip! So, technically, he was not reading the dictionary but was reading the comics strips found in the dictionary.


How I turned my hesitant reader into a happy reader

I have a homeschooler who is a hesitant reader. He learns more by moving around and reading is not his priority. If he reads, he will stick to his favorites: fact books, almanacs, science and anything non-fictional. I asked him once why he does not read any other books  and his reply, ” What do I get from reading them? At least, fact books let me know the facts!” Good point. But I told him that there is something magical that happens when you read fiction stories.


Planning for 15 days Visayas land trip

visayas-negros mapI am back! And this time, I might be writing more as we are planning a Visayas land trip soon!

So many things have happened after my last post. I am still homeschooling my son and we are already on our 3rd year as homeschoolers. Also, I accepted a position in our organization and it has kept me very busy lately.

Hubby and I have been planning for so long to do a land trip from Mindanao to Luzon. However, with the opening of our new office in Davao City, we have to set aside that plan and concentrated on our work. Hubby took over the office while I decided to stay at home and teach. But despite that set up, it seemed that I was even busier than him because of the unending calls, messages and emails that I receive, reply and answer everyday.

Then, hubby just blurted out 2 months ago that it was time for us to relax. All work with no play is not good for the soul, so they say. So, here I am now, going over some blogs and websites and researching how we can maximize our time as we travel to Visayas – Negros in particular. We only have 15 days to go around Negros Oriental and Occidental.


Homeschool year 2014-2015

Homeschool 2014-2015: Welcome back!

We will be starting our homeschooling year next week. I am now busy preparing for our materials as I decided to do independent homeschooling this year. Why independent? I will discuss it in another post.

When I homeschooled my son last year, I made a decision to homeschool him until middle school or maybe, until senior high school. Our home set-up now is beneficial to us since I do not need to wake up too early to prepare for my son’s schooling and my son need not be disrupted from his sleep very early in the morning.  We can eat breakfast together, cook together, go to the mall even on school days, eat anytime, watch a documentary after class and stop our class when my student is tired. And we are all are happy.


Real Estate Investment: Is it for you?

I am writing this as a response to an article I read written by a fellow blogger about his first experience in real estate investment. You can read his post HERE.

I just want to point out some things that he made mention in his blog. I understand that he is an advocate of financial literacy but I just did not like the tone of how he dragged the name of real estate industry, in which, first time readers would immediately take notice of the negative impact, only to say in the end that he made a good decision.