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Homeschool year 2014-2015

Homeschool 2014-2015: Welcome back!

We will be starting our homeschooling year next week. I am now busy preparing for our materials as I decided to do independent homeschooling this year. Why independent? I will discuss it in another post.

When I homeschooled my son last year, I made a decision to homeschool him until middle school or maybe, until senior high school. Our home set-up now is beneficial to us since I do not need to wake up too early to prepare for my son’s schooling and my son need not be disrupted from his sleep very early in the morning.  We can eat breakfast together, cook together, go to the mall even on school days, eat anytime, watch a documentary after class and stop our class when my student is tired. And we are all are happy. Read more… »

I am writing this as a response to an article I read written by a fellow blogger about his first experience in real estate investment. You can read his post HERE.

I just want to point out some things that he made mention in his blog. I understand that he is an advocate of financial literacy but I just did not like the tone of how he dragged the name of real estate industry, in which, first time readers would immediately take notice of the negative impact, only to say in the end that he made a good decision.


Wonders of the World #2: Angkor Wat

Our Ankor Wat trip was unplanned. We only planned travelling to Ho Chi Minh because we thought our budget won’t be enough. But we were able to find a 3 days-2 nights tour package in Ho Chi Minh for less than Php20,000.00 good for 4 people. It included our hotel accommodation in a 3-star hotel, full board meal, trip to Angkor Wat and a night buffet in a famous Cambodian restaurant.

Regie was the happiest among the 4 of us. After our Great Wall of China trip, he wanted to put in his bucket list all the other wonders of the world. And visiting Ankor Wat was one of them.

We went with a group as it was arranged by our tour agency. We wanted so much to use the tuktuk for our Angkor Wat trip but our agency provided us with an airconditioned bus. This also included an English speaking tour guide.

I had a hard time understanding the way our tour guide spoke but nonetheless, I was able to grasp a brief history of Ankor Wat. As known to many, this is a very famous tourist destination in Cambodia, Siem Reap in particular. In fact, it’s listed as one of the most visited places in the world and is considered as a world heritage site. Read more… »

With the recent damaging earthquake that happened in Bohol and the 5.7 magnitude earthquake that just happened this morning  here in Davao City, one really has to be prepared in case a similar event occurs in your place. Alot of people panic once they feel the ground tremble and most often times, they get disoriented. I have to admit, I experienced disorientation just this morning.

I grew up in Tabuk, Kalinga, a place in Northern Luzon. The memory of the 1990 earthquake is still fresh to me. We were not directly hit by it but the tremor it brought became a nightmare to most of us.

I was in school when the earthquake struck. I was in 4th grade. I was tasked to sweep outside when I suddenly felt the ground moving. At first, I thought I was just dizzy but when our classroom adviser and my classmates came running to the open space, that was the only time that I realized, there was an earthquake. We were advised to stay at the open field and just wait.




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It was 5 minutes before 12 midnight when I told my husband I was hungry. We both did not have dinner because we had late and heavy lunch. The thought of cooking this late was not appealing so we both agreed to just drive around and see what we can find after midnight in downtown Davao. Read more… »

The thought of travelling continuously around the Philippines is so enticing.  My husband and I have long been wanting to do this but his job and my son’s schooling hampered us from doing so. We have to wait for my son’s vacation and his approved leave before we can travel. We already went to some touristy places like Boracay, Bohol, Cebu and some parts of Mindanao but we’re always stuck to just one place because of our limited time and we could not extend our vacation even if we wanted to.

This year, Regie resigned from his job and we homeschooled our only child. It’s like a sign from heaven that we can already do what we’ve always wanted to do. Read more… »

We were just like most first time climbers: eager and excited. We planned this climb for 2 weeks. Just us, no guides.

2 days before we climb Mount Puting-Bato, we went to Eden Nature Park and did some hiking for 2 hours. We needed this to prepare our muscles for the real deal.

Mount Puting-Bato is located in Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS), Davao del Norte. This is the island that is known to tourists as the beach part of Davao City. However, IGACOS or Samal Island to locals, is not part of Davao City but it is another city of Davao del Norte Province. Davao City is in Davao del Sur province.  Read more… »

Have you ever walked on fire?

Have you ever walked on fire- literally? I did. and I was barefooted.

I belong to Batch 6. We are called the Dragon Warriors. Basically because we dared to walk on fire. It was the highlight of our 3-day firewalk bootcamp in Tagaytay.

Before I got all the nerves to do it, I joined seminars conducted by John Calub. The Firewalk Boot Camp is always the finale. I was not keen at attending the said camp considering that we have to travel to Luzon just to join at the same time, we need to pay P25,000.00 for each participant. I thought, the Money Magnet and Attracting Wealth Seminar were already enough. And the thought of walking on fire surely scared me. I never liked fire. But Regie was determined. He said the seminar would make or break us.



Preparing the bed of hot burning coal


Probinsyana in Bohol

If there is one place in the Philippines that I’ve always dreamed of going, it’s Bohol. I’ve always wanted to see the famous chocolate hills and the big-eyed primate tarsier. For me, the hills and the tarsier are images of Bohol. I have been to Cebu a couple of times but I never had the chance to go to Bohol. Come to think of it, it’s just a ferry away.

Last July, PAREB or the Philippine Association of Real Estate Boards, the organization where I belong, decided to hold the Visayas-Mindanao Convention in Panglao, Bohol. It coincided with my family’s decision to visit Bohol this year, only that, it would no longer be just pure pleasure but business, as well.

I traveled again with my partners, my husband and our 10-year old son, to Bohol. This is the beauty of homeschooling as I can always bring my child anywhere and he learns from real life scenarios.

From Cebu, we took a ferry going to Tagbilaran. We had the Supercat and it took us 2 hours only to travel from Cebu to Tagbilaran. Since we went there a day ahead of our convention, we had all the time to go around Bohol. Read more… »

One trait that I was able to pass on to my son is my love for food. I eat anything and everything – from grass to big bulls.

What I like about traveling is I get to taste local foods. This is always the highlight of our travel. We make sure that we find where the best food is served and what the locals recommend. My family always looks forward to eating the delicacies of the place where we go. I’m just happy that I have a child and a husband who are as adventurous as I am when it comes to eating. Read more… »

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