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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Green Corn soup in Coconut Cream

I seldom cook and if i cook, i try to use whatever greens i find in our garden. Yes,i have a backyard garden and it’s been there since May of last year. Since I grew up in an ilokano environment, I really crave for vegetables. In my garden, I have eggplants, chili pepper, yellow green pepper (aka kabbong in ilokano), ginger,lemon grass, alugbati,squash(still growing), ampalaya- both the high breed and the native,red lady papaya, turmeric and some herbal plants. And i did all the dirty works just to have a garden. 🙂


I miss my lolo Rico

I was going over my facebook account when i came across a note written by my cousin Sharon Dumlao . She wrote a very beautiful story of her conversation with our lolo Rico. Our lolo is already 80+ years old and he has Alzheimer’s disease. I also got the chance to talk to him when we went to Gattaran,Cagayan for a vacation last year. He can no longer recognize my mom (his daughter).