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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Meet YEE LEE, our Beijing Tour Guide

My family had the opportunity to travel to Beijing, China. Regie rushed to buy our tickets sometime in October only for him to find out that it will be winter on that part of the world in December. All he thought, Beijing has the same climate as the Philippines. What made things worse, Beijing has one of the coldest winters and we need to apply for a visa just to go there!

As soon as he got the confirmation, I started researching online for possible itinerary while preparing our documents for our visa application. It never crossed my mind to hire a tour guide or even join a tour group as I was so confident that we would be able to do it as we have survived our Japan tour before without any guide. It was only a few days before our flight that we finally decided to get one.


Requirements: US Tourist Visa Application

There are several requirements that you need for your US Visa Tourist Application. Although most often times, the consular officer may not ask for them, it is still best to prepare. Remember, you have to prove that you have every reason to come back and not stay for good in the US. Also, prepare the documents proving that you are capable enough to spend money in their country.

Here are the requirements that you need to submit:


What to do: US Tourist Visa Application

When my son asked if we can go to Hawaii to visit his beloved tita Jenny, I have to explain to him that it’s not that easy. I have to tell him that there is a procedure that we should follow in order for us to travel there.  As a kid, all he knows is we buy our ticket then travel. He is not aware that we still need to apply for a visa just to go to the United States.