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Monthly Archives: May 2013

How to Apply for Tourist Visa for South Korea

I have heard several times that applying for a tourist visa for South Korea is even harder than US visa. I do not know where they got this idea but I think, both applications entail different procedures. For one, US tourist visa application requires you to personally apply for it while SK Tourist Visa may spare you of that.


Probinsyana in Seoul, South Korea

Again, this is a late post.. 🙂

This trip was booked 8 months before our flight.  I just woke up one day and found out that my husband already booked tickets for us for Seoul, South Korea. His reason? Promo fare! We had planned travels ahead of us and I never got the chance to really make an itinerary for this trip. Nevertheless, having a sibling who works in Seoul proved to be very helpful.:)


Probinsyana in Macau

Our last stopover for our China Trip before we headed back to the Philippines was in Macau. From Hongkong, you only need to take an hour trip by ferry to go to Macau. Upon arrival, you need to line up at the immigration before you are allowed to enter the country. During our trip, we lined up for 2 hours! There were so many people that day.

Our hotel provided a shuttle service to and from the ferry terminal. Well, I guess, all hotels have that service. Since Macau is known as a gambling region, they have to provide rides to potential gamblers. All tourists are potential gamblers.hehehe

The weather was really cold when we arrived. It was almost as cold as Beijing sans the snow. Temperature was around 6 degrees celcius.