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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Our Plan to Travel around the Philippines in 60 days, non-stop

The thought of travelling continuously around the Philippines is so enticing.  My husband and I have long been wanting to do this but his job and my son’s schooling hampered us from doing so. We have to wait for my son’s vacation and his approved leave before we can travel. We already went to some touristy places like Boracay, Bohol, Cebu and some parts of Mindanao but we’re always stuck to just one place because of our limited time and we could not extend our vacation even if we wanted to.

This year, Regie resigned from his job and we homeschooled our only child. It’s like a sign from heaven that we can already do what we’ve always wanted to do.


First Mountain Climb: Mount Puting-Bato

We were just like most first time climbers: eager and excited. We planned this climb for 2 weeks. Just us, no guides.

2 days before we climb Mount Puting-Bato, we went to Eden Nature Park and did some hiking for 2 hours. We needed this to prepare our muscles for the real deal.

Mount Puting-Bato is located in Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS), Davao del Norte. This is the island that is known to tourists as the beach part of Davao City. However, IGACOS or Samal Island to locals, is not part of Davao City but it is another city of Davao del Norte Province. Davao City is in Davao del Sur province.