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Category Archives: Homeschool

The Garfield in our Dictionary

A month ago, I caught my son holding a dictionary and intensely reading it. It was a surprise for me because he is more inclined into ready books with pictures or anything with colorful pages.

That dictionary day was followed by another, then another.  When he’s not doing anything, he’s at a corner or inside our bedroom reading the dictionary. That’s what I thought.

Then, the “AHA” moment came when he came to me giggling and shared to me what he read: A Garfield comics strip! So, technically, he was not reading the dictionary but was reading the comics strips found in it.


How I turned my hesitant reader into a happy reader

I have a homeschooler who is a hesitant reader. He learns more by moving around and reading is not his priority. If he reads, he will stick to his favorites: fact books, almanacs, science and anything non-fictional. I asked him once why he does not read any other books  and his reply, ” What do I get from reading them? At least, fact books let me know the facts!” Good point. But I told him that there is something magical that happens when you read fiction stories.


Homeschool or Regular School?

After Josh finished his 3rd grade at Bridges Academy in Tagum City and when we decided to stay in Davao City for now due to our work as real estate brokers, I was once again faced with the dilemma of finding the right school for him . Bridges Academy is a progressive school and enrolling him in a “traditional” school would mean a major adjustment for him. Though we found some progressive schools in Davao City, we thought that the tuition fees were too much.