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Dumaguete’s Painitan: breakfast place of the locals

“Let’s eat where the locals eat.” That’s what my husband always tells me when we travel. According to him, you will appreciate the local foods if you get a taste of what the locals eat.

Thanks to Ang Pinaka, a show of GMA News where they featured top 10 must see places in Dumaguete City. On our second day, we went to Dumaguete Public Market just to have a taste of their Bodbod Tanuay and Bodbod Kabog, a sticky rice delicacy of Dumaguete City. It is similar to the suman but sweeter. They even have the chocolate version.

Dumaguete’s Painitan is a stretch of several stalls selling the Bodbod and other breakfast goodies. They have puto-maya, egg burgers, native coffee and native sikwate or tsokolate. It is in the middle of the public market so better ask the locals if you want to eat there. Although we noticed some sellers of Bodbod outside the Public Market, hubby was more into going inside so we can have a seat and eat.

Painitan sa Dumaguete
Painitan sa Dumaguete

The area was full of locals when we arrived. It took us sometime to find a place to settle. I was in awe as I observed the people as they flock to the area to have breakfast. The food must really be good and cheap.

My boys inside Dumaguete Public Market
My boys inside Dumaguete Public Market

We ordered all kinds of their bodbod together with 3 cups of their native tsokolate, 1 cup for each of us. I cannot count how many pieces my husband bought but we devoured everything! We paid P 106.00 for the bodbod and P 30.00 for all the tsokolate. I asked Mang Ben, the owner of the stall where we got a seat and he told me that 2 pieces of bodbod tanuay or the plain one cost 16 pesos while the bodbod kabog costs 15 pesos each. Not that bad.

The sikwate or native hot cocoa drink
The sikwate or native hot cocoa drink
Dumaguete's bodbod
Dumaguete’s bodbod

We got out from the place satisfied. As my hubby always says, locals are the best source of the best foods. 🙂

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