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Where to Eat in Davao City after 12 midnight

It was 5 minutes before 12 midnight when I told my husband I was hungry. We both did not have dinner because we had late and heavy lunch. The thought of cooking this late was not appealing so we both agreed to just drive around and see what we can find after midnight in downtown Davao.

Most restaurants were closed but we found some that were still open. We drove around for an hour before we decided to eat and we listed some restaurants and coffee shops and we saw along the way.  I wanted so much to take pictures but the battery of my hubby’s camera was almost drained and taking pictures at night with a DSLR proved to be challenging. The route we took started in Magallanes then to Claveria (CM Recto), Bajada up to SPMC then we went back to Torres, Jacinto extension, Quirino Avenue, Bolton Extension, San Pedro then to Matina area. Hubby wanted to see if Dexter’s pizza in Ecoland  was still open as he was craving for pizza so we drove to Caltex near SM Ecoland. They just closed when we arrived. We went back to Matina and just settled there.

Anyway, if you feel hungry at this unholy time, you might consider our list of where to eat in Davao City after 12 midnight.

1. Along Bajada Road

  •  Business class
  • Edongs
  • Deli Coffee bar
  • El Bajada Hotel  cafe
  • Blugre LandCo
  • Flyover ihaw ihaw
  • Jollibee
  • McDo
  • Don and Ging’s unlimited rice near Northpoint
  • OK Mart – a grocery store

2. Torres Street. This street is considered as the party street so expect more bars to be open here. However, I only saw few opened restaurants here.

  • Boyongs balbacua
  • JFC
  • Chicken tsunami
  • Prime Square area
  • Bo’s coffee

3. Jacinto Extension

  • Sinangag republic
  • Kopiroti

4. Quirino Avenue.

  • Java Five
  • Barbeque Boss

5. Ilustre Street

  • TAPS

6. San Pedro Street

  • Kusina Dabaw
  • Chiken Diner
  • BDelight

7. Matina Area

  • Jollibee
  • McDo
  • Dimsum Diner
  • Matina Town Square

8. Magallanes Street

  • Barbeque stands along Magallanes Street and Bolton Extension

I think, some restaurants in Damosa area are still open at this time.

Davao Central Convenience Stores are open for 24 hours and they are found in major streets in Davao City.

Just like Davao Central Convenience Stores, Minute Burger is found in almost every major street in Davao City.

As to where we had our midnight meal, the Red Bee, aka Jollibee, caught our palate. 🙂


Jollibee Matina


Our Dinner/Breakfast


Probinsyana with my junkfoods.:)

How about you? do you know of any restaurants where you can eat in Davao City after 12 midnight? Share us your thoughts.

By the way, Davao City has a liquor ban. No one is allowed to sell alcoholic drinks after midnight.


***p.s. It’s past 2am and I just finished writing this and hubby is watching a movie. Still unable to sleep..


7 thoughts on “Where to Eat in Davao City after 12 midnight”

  1. If you want pizza past 12mn. Try nyo po Albertos. They deliver till 1am.

    No delivery charges. You can google their site for the menu. And try the sardines pizza. one of my favorites.

  2. Ah yes. I usually find it difficult to grab a bite when I arrive from Manila on the past 7pm flight. Thanks for the list! I always wonder when Davao will open for business later since it is pretty bustling already.

  3. Mayroon ding Green Coffee po alongside sa Bajada Road. I think 24/7 po sila doon. Relaxing din doon po kasi ang sobrang lamig! May mga students din doon tumatambay pero still, it feels good to relax sa café po. 😄

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