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Homeschool year 2014-2015

Homeschool 2014-2015: Welcome back!

We will be starting our homeschooling year next week. I am now busy preparing for our materials as I decided to do independent homeschooling this year. Why independent? I will discuss it in another post.

When I homeschooled my son last year, I made a decision to homeschool him until middle school or maybe, until senior high school. Our home set-up now is beneficial to us since I do not need to wake up too early to prepare for my son’s schooling and my son need not be disrupted from his sleep very early in the morning.  We can eat breakfast together, cook together, go to the mall even on school days, eat anytime, watch a documentary after class and stop our class when my student is tired. And we are all are happy.

I am expecting much this school year. I guess, I am more equipped, more ready and more adjusted now. I already know how to deal with my son, specially his learning style and his intentional interruptions every time he  does not feel like studying. I already know what to expect and what not to expect.

Join us again in our homeschooling journey. I know that it is only by God’s grace that we can do all this things.



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