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Land Trip from Davao City to Dumaguete City

My family had a land trip from Davao City to Dumaguete City. It was a bumpy and very long ride.

We started on a Thursday morning and reached our destination on Saturday afternoon. It was an unplanned trip so we did not have any itinerary or even hotel bookings. We only have the gutts and the desire to travel using our car.

From Davao City, it took us 6 hours before we reached Cagayan de Oro City. We only stopped in Malaybalay City to have lunch then we continued our journey. There were no major repairs along the way so we did not encounter too much traffic.

Upon reaching CDO, we checked in at Amarea Travel Lodge. For my review of Amarea, click HERE. Since my hubby’s twin brother lives here, we met him together with his wife and their newly born baby girl. We had a hearty dinner at their place.

The following morning, we left the hotel at 8am and started our travel to Mukas Port, the jump off point to Ozamiz City. From CDO, we travelled for 2 hours to Iligan City where we had brunch at Gloria’s Lechon, a well-recommended lechon house in Iligan City.

Iligan City is just 30 minutes away from Mukas Port. We paid P 270.00 for the barge fee. It took us 15 minutes before we reached Ozamis City.

From Ozamis City, we had another 2.5 hours drive before we reached Dapitan. We accidentally had the short cut route so instead of going to Diplog first, we went the other way where from Oroquieta City, we went straight to Dapitan City.

It was exactly 3pm when we finally reached our destination. We headed straight to Rizal Shrine where we met a tour guide who helped us find the place where we stayed for a night in Dapitan City.

The following day, we headed to another port, the RORO for Dapitan- Dumaguete. 4 hours of sea travel, we reached Dumaguete at around 3pm.

To recap our over all travel time:

Davao-CDO: 6 hours
CDO-Iligan: 2 hours
Iligan to Mukas Port: 30 minutes
Mukas Port to Ozamiz: 15 minutes
Ozamiz City to Dapitan City: 2.5 hours
Dapitan City to Dumaguete City: 4 hours

Our expenses for this trip:

Gasoline: 1200 (@ 26.10/ liter diesel)
Hotel in CDO: 795 @ Amarea Lodge
Gasoline: 600
Breakfast @ Gloria’s Lechon in Tamuga: 380
RORO Mukas Port to Ozamiz: 270
Hotel in Dapitan: 800 @ Pamela’s Pension House
Dinner @ Kamayan ni Manay: 500
RORO Dapitan to Dumaguete: 3,200 + 129 ( fare child) + 75 (terminal fees for 3 pax)

Total: 7,949.00

I think you can reduce your expenses if you will go straight to Dapitan from Davao City. You just need to travel very early so you can catch the last barge from Mukas Port to Dapitan.

One thought on “Land Trip from Davao City to Dumaguete City”

  1. Hi ma’am,
    Ask lang po ako yung Mukas port to Ozamis at Dapitan to Dumaguete ay RORO po? Kasi plano ko po kasi e travel yung 10wheeler truck namin loaded po yung truck papunta Dumaguete.

    Salamat po!


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