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Monina’s Pension House in Dapitan City: A review

I usually place my hotel reviews in TripAdvisor but they are usually short and just have enough details to guide future tourists. This time, I decided to write a longer review for Monina’s Pension House here in my personal blog.

TripAdvisor is actually my source of information when we want to travel. I read reviews from others who have experienced staying in that particular hotel/inn then compare it to what the bloggers have to say. However, there were times when the reviews given were not the same as the actual.

For our Dapitan trip, I was actually looking at Villa Pilar Pension as it got a high rating in TripAdvisor and the price was just within our budget. I did not read any bad review about it. However, when my husband and my son checked the room (yes, they are my checkers), my son gave a disapproval look so we did not have a choice but to scout for another one. A friend also suggested Home Sweet Home but I they were fixing their driveway that time so their nice homey pension house was closed.

Our Rizal Shrine tour guide suggested Monina’s Pension House because according to him, it is well-known to backpackers and the rooms are clean. Also, it is located at the Sunset Boulevard. For our Rizal Shrine Tour, you can read our experience HERE.

There was only 1 family room left when we arrived at Monina’s Pension House and it was good for 4. The price was P900.00/night but again, having a former salesman as a hubby proved to be an advantage that day. He requested if we could just pay P800.00 for the 3 of us since it was already 5pm and the third person was a child (though our son does not look like a kid for his height and built). The owner agreed.

The room was spacious with 2 queen sized beds. Of course, it’s air-conditioned and it has its own bathroom. There was no hot shower, though, so if you want to soak in warm water, this place is not for you. There was also a small television set and a small table for our things.

The beds
The beds
The Bathroom
The Bathroom
Another part of the room
Another part of the room

They provided us with bath towels, 2 tissue rolls and 4 small soaps. Those soaps were not used as I brought our own. However, I still collect them because as far as I know, that was also part of the price. 🙂

One disadvantage only was the blankets were thin. For a room with an air conditioner, the blankets should have been a little thicker. Again, I was able to bring our comforter so my boys and I slept well. Also, be ready for a 10 pm fireworks from Gloria de Dapitan Amusement Park as Monina’s Pension House is only few meters away from the park. I have a funny experience about this fireworks and you can read it HERE.

The Signage outside. Monena or Monina?
The Signage outside. Monena or Monina?

If given the chance to go back to Dapitan, will I choose Monina’s? There is a good chance.

2 thoughts on “Monina’s Pension House in Dapitan City: A review”

  1. Hi mam! Me and my friend wilk be in dipolog this Nov. 2016. Do you still have contact with your tour guide? May i know his/her contact#? TIA

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