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Our very rough and wavy ferry ride to Siquijor

When I say wavy, I really mean, big waves. That’s the ferry ride that we had when we traveled to Siquijor from Dumaguete City.

Despite Regie’s fever, we decided to proceed with our Siquijor trip. Both of us were thinking that he would be feeling better the next day. Unfortunately, he did not feel better and we had no choice but to go back to Dumaguete the following day. Josh and I also had fever. We did not even had the chance to go around the island.

Regie did not purchase the tickets for OceanJet or the fast craft because according to him, the other ferry offered a hundred less for the fare. He paid P130.00 for each ticket. OceanJeat charges 230/pax. Besides, the ferry that he got would only be 30 minutes later than the OceanJet. According to OceanJet, it would take 45 minutes only to reach Siquijor. The other ferry would take 1 hour and 15 minutes.

We were not able to get a seat at the top portion of the ferry so we had no choice but to go down. The seats below were near the engine room so imagine the noise and the smoke when the engine started to run.

The lower deck where we got our seats
The lower deck where we got our seats

I immediately felt dizzy so I decided to stand up. That’s when I noticed the big waves. There was an old lady beside me and she kept on saying, “ Oh Lord Jesus, Help us, Lord Jesus..”. It was that rough. Though I did not feel nervous that our ferry would capsize, I was more concerned about my dizziness and Regie who was seated beside Josh. He looked aweful. I kept on looking at my phone because for me, the trip seemed like forever. Worse, it rained. One of the crews also started distributing cellophanes in case the passengers vomit. And most of them did.

My boys
My boys

Our trip lasted for almost 2 hours because the captain was probably making a way to avoid the big waves. When we reached the port, one of the guides commented that our ferry was going sideways and they were so worried that it would capsize. Also, they said that the big waves suddenly appeared out of nowhere as they did not have bad weather the other day.

I have read similar experiences from fellow bloggers but I did not expect it to be like that. Regie finally decided that we will take the fastcraft when we get back to Dumaguete because according to him, this ferry ride was one of the worse experiences that he had.

Talking about being kuripot, that’s what you get!

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