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Made in China

I have always admired my husband when it comes to writing.  Seldom do you find an engineer who is both good in Math and English. I asked him to write an article for my blog and he came up with this.:)

Made in China

Imagine the world without the Chinese (China). No noodles, no dimsums, no tikoy, no cheap merchandises and all those “replicas”. You know what I mean.

People’s Republic of China or China, as we often call it is now the top exporter and supplier of practically anything imaginable and to some extent unimaginable. It ranges from food, toys, kitchenware, plastics, equipment, clothes to electronics, semiconductors, livestock, fisheries, appliances, labor and among others. Whenever I go to a department store or grocery to purchase something, relatively 60-80 percent of the items are made in China.

I went to SM this morning, which is owned by a Chinese magnate by the way, to buy a pair of shoes. Normally, I would opt to buy the branded ones primarily due to value for money and quality.  From 6 brands, the prospects were scaled down to three namely Hush Puppies, GBX and Rockport. I was made to believe that all three products are US-made, however I was surprised. The under label writes “licensed in US, Made in China”. Baffled, the saleslady told me that branded shoes nowadays are made in China yet under licensed with innovator companies from America and Europe.

Apparently, the most populous nation is now one of the most influential countries, economically. Definitely it has turned the tide with leaps and bounds from the ruins caused from the two post World Wars.  Just last 2006, China was ranked #2 as world’s largest economy with a whopping US $7.8 TRILLION in GDP and concurrently, ascribed as the fastest-growing economy today. China’s trade and commerce is already a determinant to world economy and international business. Whew! I’m just in awe, really.

So much with the numbers and figures. As I am writing this article, I just realized that the laptop (MSI) I’m using, the clothes I’m wearing and the cell phone that I’m carrying are all made in China.  By the way, out of the 10 richest persons in the Philippines, 7 are Chinese of descent.

Now imagine, just imagine a world without Chinese (China) J

Hello World, Again!

After my first blog was blocked by a blog provider, I never attempted to do blogging again. Recently, I have been writing articles to other blogs. With the bulk of income that one can get from blogging, I realized that maybe, just maybe, this is the answer to my dream. Although i manage some small family businesses, the income is not that significant.  This gave me the kick to revive what I used to do, BLOGGING!!!


so,as a start, WELCOME to my blog. I intend to blog about anything and everything that i come across: foods,places,movies,etc.. The probinsyana will virtually take you to places around her own country and maybe, just maybe, abroad.. 🙂