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Requirements: US Tourist Visa Application

There are several requirements that you need for your US Visa Tourist Application. Although most often times, the consular officer may not ask for them, it is still best to prepare. Remember, you have to prove that you have every reason to come back and not stay for good in the US. Also, prepare the documents proving that you are capable enough to spend money in their country.

Here are the requirements that you need to submit:
1. DS-160 Online Application form completely filled up

Do not forget to print this one as this is the first document that you need to show at the entrance of the embassy.

2. Recent Passport and Old Passports

Together with the DS-160 form, the recent passport is also shown before you enter US Embassy. Your old passport will just be a supporting document should the officer ask for other travels that you have made in the past.

3.  1 piece 2×2 ID picture

If you did not smile on the picture posted on your DS-160 application form, then you are good to go. However, it is still advisable to bring extra 2×2 pictures with you. Be sure it has white background. For ladies, remove your earrings and expose your ears. Teeth should not be exposed also on the picture.

4. Original Employment certificate with Salary / Business permit

This is a proof that you have to return because of your work/business

5. Bank Certificate and other documents showing your investments

You can ask you bank to prepare this.

6. Income Tax Return with financial statement

Prepare the last 3 years if you still have them

7. Original Copies of land titles, OR/CR of your vehicles

Again, these documents can prove your strong ties with your country.

8. Recent NBI clearance

Not really needed but its best to prepare it

9. 6 months bank statement and 6 months Payslip for employees

This is different from your bank certificate because this shows the movement of money from your account. If you have copies of your credit card statements, bring them also. For employees, bring the original copies of your payslips for the last 6 months.

10. Invitation together with the Envelope

If you are invited to attend an event in the US, be sure to bring the invitation letter. I was advised to bring the envelop with the stamp on it to prove that it really came from there.

11. Itinerary

There are times that the itinerary is asked. This is a list of activities that you intend to do while you are there in the United States.

12. Pictures of your travels local and abroad

Although I was not asked to prepare this, i decided to make a scrapbook of our travels together.

13. Copies of the Passport and Visa of the person inviting you and/or relatives in the US.

If asked, tell them the truth but do not divulge it if they don’t ask for it.

14. NSO certified birth certificates, marriage contracts

This is very much applicable to those who will travel with their family members.

Although, i believe that the US Embassy has already done their initial investigation on the applicants, one might encounter a consular officer who wants to test how prepared you are. And sometimes, denials are given when the documents being asked are not presented.

TIP: BE HONEST. Honesty is a virtue. I believe, it is not how much money you have in the bank that matters when applying for a tourist visa. It is how honest you are. Also, ANSWER CONFIDENTLY. Do not show that you are nervous. Besides, you should not be afraid if you are not hiding something. ANSWER only what is being asked. Do not be DEFENSIVE. Do not try to reason out.

2 thoughts on “Requirements: US Tourist Visa Application”

  1. I want to apply tourist visa in USA for this year I hope this coming October because I’m working hongkong now I’m from philippines I want to back Philippines to apply tourist visa in USA I hope not hard to apply but I need more learn to watch and read this channel to how to apply tourist visa and what need important documents to bring thanks

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