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Sans Rival: Dumaguete’s pride

Sans Rival is synanymous to Dumaguete. Almost everybody whom we asked about where to buy pasalubong or where to eat, they always mention Sans Rival. Even travel shows feature this store. They always say that you have not been to Dumaguete if you haven’t tasted the sans rival cake and silvana in Sans Rival.

That in itself is more than enough to convince us to try their 2 best sellers. We only ordered 1 box of the butter silvana, 1 slice of sans rival cake and 1 piece of ensaymada as all of us were not really into sweets. Besides, we just had dinner. We paid P180 for that.

True enough, the silvana and the sans rival cake were not that sweet- just too buttery for my taste. I dislike the taste of too much butter so I guess, the pastry was not for me. But my husband and my son loved both the silvana and sans rival cake. They consumed the whole pack!

Since the silvana and the cake need refrigeration, I do not think it is wise to have it as pasalubong specially in our case where we had a land trip. It takes 2 days for us to reach Davao City and by the time we’re home, they would have melted.

At least, I was able to taste them. They were not my favorites but it was worth a try.

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