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I am from Luzon. I am not originally from Davao City so calling me bias would be unfair. I got married to a Davaoeno and was initially forced by my husband to migrate here. I have been peacefully living in this beautiful city for 10 years now. No regrets at all. Now, I am a Davaoeña by heart.

I feel sad every time I read memes and negative comments about Davao City and our Mayor. When he announced his candicacy, I never thought that the black propaganda would really go that far. His detractors are always on the lookout for something that they can use against him. They found a loophole and now, they made it into a national issue. And they placed alot of false add-ons too.

I only have good things to say about Mayor Duterte. Though I do not know him personally, my talks with ordinary people in this city and my observations on how he runs his city are enough proofs that he is a good leader. We love him so much that we always let him win-landslide- in all elections.