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I am from Luzon. I am not originally from Davao City so calling me bias would be unfair. I got married to a Davaoeno and was initially forced by my husband to migrate here. I have been peacefully living in this beautiful city for 10 years now. No regrets at all. Now, I am a Davaoeña by heart.

I feel sad every time I read memes and negative comments about Davao City and our Mayor. When he announced his candicacy, I never thought that the black propaganda would really go that far. His detractors are always on the lookout for something that they can use against him. They found a loophole and now, they made it into a national issue. And they placed alot of false add-ons too.

I only have good things to say about Mayor Duterte. Though I do not know him personally, my talks with ordinary people in this city and my observations on how he runs his city are enough proofs that he is a good leader. We love him so much that we always let him win-landslide- in all elections.

♡ He is the only politician I know who never places his picture and his name on every project in the city. You will only see “THIS IS WHERE YOUR TAXES GO”.

♡He is the only political candidate I know who does not need campaign funds during elections as people here automatically vote for him.

♡ He is the only local leader I know who works at night outside the city hall just to cater the needs of his ordinary constituents. He listens to them and provides solution immediately.

♡ He is the only mayor I know who goes around the city incognito just to make sure everything is working well.

♡ He is the only public servant I know who gives state of the art services to his people despite the fact that his city is NOT the richest city in this country.

♡ He is the only leader I know who refused to be recognized as a nominee for best mayor of the world because according to him, “HE WAS JUST DOING HIS JOB.”

♡ He is the only local official I know who does not care if his ordinance is not a popular one as long as the benefits outweigh the risks. 30kph speed limit within the city? Who would want that specially when you are rushing? But it was implemented and people followed. No exemptions.

♡ He is the only public official I know whose life is an open book. And he can even make fun out of it.

♡ He is the only candidate I know that no matter how bad he tries to portray himself, he is still loved by many.

Now, can you blame us for loving him that much?

No matter what others say about him, we know our Mayor by heart. We know him too well that we care less to what people who have not known him and who have not experienced his leadership might want to portray him. He has our utmost love and respect.


2 thoughts on “THE DUTERTE I KNOW”

  1. “He is the only politician I know that…”
    Actually, there’s many politicians that do what he does. Just because you don’t look for them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

    These politicians also don’t joke about rape and murder (something DISGUSTING) like Duterte and that’s why the rest of the world is laughing at Duterte supporters.
    I don’t know about you, but I don’t find rape and murder funny.

    1. hi N. It would have been better if you posted the real you so at least I can address you personally. But Anyway, your comment is immaterial now since he is already our president. And yes, I am very optimistic that real changes will happen. So, let us wait and see.

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